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Q - What type of grass do you offer?
A -
We grow a blend of three improved Tall Fescues = 90 percent of mix and 10 percent Bluegrass. We select of varieties for their color, texture, disease resistance and drought tolerance.

Q - What areas do you service?
A -
We work in Anne Arundel Co. Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Howard, Calvert, Charles, The Eastern Shore areas of Maryland to Salisbury, and some Delaware locations

Q - When is the best time to establish a lawn?
A -
We recommend if possible that sod be placed either very early in the Spring March or April or from late September to December. It is possible to install sod in June July and August it just requires more attention and watering. Sod may not be installed when the ground is frozen.

Q - What is the minimum amount of sod I can buy from American Turf?
A -
One square yard is the smallest quantity our machine cuts.

Q - How much sod can I put in my pick- up truck?
A -
Weight is the limiting factor. In a S -10 type pick-up we can generally get 20-30 yards. In a full size pick-up we can get 50 to 60 yards.

Q - Can a homeowner install turf grass sod?
A -
Yes. We have an installation guide and measurement page as part of our information please refer to the installation guide.

Q - What type of soil can I grow sod on?
A -
Sod can be grown on almost any type of soil. Provided there is enough sun light. Our area has many different soil types from clay to sand and something in between. Sod will grow in each of these however some soil amendments will make it easier to grow sod in sandy soil and in heavy clay soils. Please feel free to call us at 410-721-1861 to discuss your soil type and what should be added to it.

Q - Can I over water my turf?
A -
Yes. The complete answer to this is complex as newly installed sod will require far more water than an established lawn. Please refer to the care sheet on this web site for exact instructions.

Q - How long do I have from the time I pick up or have my sod delivered to install it?
A -
The sooner you can get you new sod installed and watered the better. Sod is an organic product and it heats up from the inside out. During the hot months of June, July, and August you want to install you sod immediately and have it all installed within 24 hours of pick up or delivery. During cool weather you can stretch this time to 48 hours.

Q - When should the first mowing occur on new turf?
- New turf can and should be mowed as soon as it has rooted to the ground which usually takes about 5-7 days. If it is not rooted down in 5-7 days check in another 2 or 3 days but test a different piece of sod than you tried earlier. Test this by lightly pulling on it. If it does not just come up you should be able to mow it. Set your mower as high as it will go and mow it while the ground is firm ( not after just watering it) Because you have been watering frequently the new turf may be quite long and you do not want to shock the turf by cutting it to short all at once. Mow it 2 times the first week if it has grown to long taking the height down 1 step at a time until it is being mowed at 3 inches.